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Let’s Celebrate

Years of Hebrew school, months of study and weeks of sheer excitement (and sheer terror). You have chanted Torah, given your speech, and hugged your parents in front of the entire congregation. The luncheon is over. You’ve endured sloppy kisses from Great Aunt Debbie and 10,000 Mazel Tovs from your parent's friends. Eaten a few desserts...


Now – It’s party time.  


Been to a hundred Bar/Bat Mitzvahs? They all blur together, right? You’ve worked this hard. Stand out. We offer live high quality live music.  And the flexibility to move effortlessly between Havdalah and the Macarena!!!


We put the importance on you. From the crazy -- to the shy. We listen to you (after all you ARE an adult now). Always wanted to do a solo – here’s the mic. Always wanted to embarrass your sister – hand her the mic. Special requests welcome. Bouncers will ensure that everyone is having fun.  


If you want something low key we can help you design a quieter affair. You want something more traditional we can do that too.


20 friends? 200 friends?   You will always remember your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. With YB Productions so will everyone else!  


(PS – Parents – we can design a quieter accompaniment for dinner).


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